Feb 26, 2020 | A Day in Photos

Fog and fishing go hand in hand. File photo.

“The fog is a chest, a magical chest! What wonders are hidden in it, the only way to see them is to dive into the fog!” Mehmet Murat ildan

Chatham is known for fog and commercial fishing and in this photo gallery we celebrate both. The photos are a blend of old and new and accompanied by a well-known, or obscure, fog quote. There is something about the fog that draws us in and we hope it does for you as well.

The mornings along the coast where the fog and mist meet with the salty spray of the seas is one of my favourite smells —  Paul Walker

File David Hills/Fishy Pictures

Truth is the torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it. – Claude Adrien Helvetius

The future is a fog that is still hanging out over the sea, a boat that floats home or does not – Anne Sexton

There it is, fog, atmospheric moisture still uncertain in destination, not quite weather and not altogether mood, yet partaking of both – Hal Borland

The fog is clearing; life is a matter of taste – Frank Wedekind 

File David Hills/Fishy Pictures 

The truth is a fog, in which one man sees the heavenly host and the other one sees a flying elephant  – Terry Pratchett 

File David Hills/ Fishy Pictures

The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on – Carl Sandburg

 “I see a lot of fog and a few lights. I like it when life’s hidden. It gives you a chance to imagine nice things, nicer than they are –Ben Hecht

Let us go in; the fog is rising – Emily Dickinson


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