Community Events

Small Boats. Big Science.

Small Boats. Big Science. brings together our community, researchers, and commercial fishermen to discuss the latest scientific advancements and how they relate to our fleet, our environment, and our coastal communities. Stay tuned for upcoming events in this exciting speaker series.  Watch the recordings of past events here!

    Small Boats. Big Science. The Ecology Around Us – October 2022

    Thank you to our guests who attended and learned about the importance of marine ecosystems and how they impact our local Cape Cod communities.


    Dr. Dave Wiley from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is an award-winning marine ecologist. Dr. Wiley’s research focuses on the ecology and intersection between large whales, seabirds, and forage fish. His presentation will highlight why we should care about the ecology surrounding our Cape Cod communities.

    Jill Thompson-Grim is a Ph.D. student at the University of South Florida-College of Marine Science. Her research focuses on how fish populations have responded to climate change in the Gulf of Mexico. Jill’s presentation will focus on concepts that are considered in fisheries modeling, and she’ll discuss a case study on how the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem is predicted to respond to a Category 5 hurricane. This study highlights how hurricanes can initiate cascading effects in marine ecosystems through flooding and infrastructure damage.

    Small Boats. Big Science. From The Arctic to You – August 2022

    Thank you to our guests who attended the first event of our new Speaker Series: Small Boats. Big Science. Through engaging presentations, we learned how changes in ocean currents and weather happening as far away as the Arctic impact our Cape Cod communities today.


    Dr. Jennifer Francis from the Woodwell Climate Research Center is an expert in climate change and with extensive experience in the Arctic. Dr. Francis says, “The Arctic seems very far away, but the momentous changes occurring there affect us all. Global warming, sea-level rise, tropical storms, and extreme weather events are all connected to the rapidly melting and warming Arctic. [I discussed] recent research into this “hot” topic.”

    Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution specializes in New England oceanography. Glen discussed changes in the ocean circulation and temperature/salinity around Cape Cod in recent years. There have been significant changes in the Gulf Stream as well as the continental shelf and slope. He also described how ocean technology is making a difference in understanding the changes in the ocean.

    Captain Eric Hesse fishes in the Gulf of Maine for groundfish and dogfish using benthic longlines aboard the F/V Tenacious II.


    Cods for the Cape – Fish Art Auction

    June 2022

    Thank you to all who participated in the bidding and to the artists for donating their artwork! This one-of-a-kind art auction, held for the third consecutive year, was a tremendous success and raised close to $5,000. Artist and owner of Cottage, Aline Lindemann, provided the fish cut outs for the 12 local artists to create their own pieces that were auctioned off.  All proceeds benefit the Fishermen’s Alliance.

    2022 Featured Artists:

    Catherine Bergson, Kimberley Deane, Julia Felsenthal, Stacey Klimkosky, Aline Lindemann, Kathleen Sky Mancini, Tjasa Owen, Mari Porcari, Stephanie Reeve, Monica Rozak, Ted Skirvan and Anina Theroux Sinclair. 

    To learn more about the artists, follow Cods for the Cape on Instagram.