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Here at the Fishermen’s Alliance, we believe that fishermen possess the solutions to the challenges they face. Whether it’s an improvement to fishing regulations, expanded research programs, or educational and economic development projects in our communities, our work is guided by the energy, innovation and expertise of local fishermen.

Together, we’re building a better future for fish and fishing.

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A monthly publication about our Cape Cod fishing community – who we are, how we fish, and our connection to the sea.



Learn about the experience and goals for the next generation of fishermen.


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Endowment Capital Campaign, Charting Our Course for the Future

The Fishermen’s Alliance is proud to launch an Endowment Capital Campaign, Charting Our Course for the Future.

This endowment will ensure Cape Cod fishermen always have professional representation at the local, state and federal level. 

Learn more on our efforts to build a $2.5 million endowment:

~   Review the Case for Support

~   Watch the Video

~   Ask questions or request our investment policy: Email Brigid or call 508-945-2432 x107

~   Consider a multi-year pledge

Your support truly makes a difference! This endowment will give a voice to fishermen at decision-making tables, turning fishermen’s experiences and ideas into policy, and protecting traditional access rights to our waters and resources. 



Featured News Story

Red’s Best fish pier manager makes summer craze look fun

Brandon Vieira celebrated his fifth year at the pier this August. “Many have come, and many go, but he is still here,” said one long-time shellfisherman who was dropping off oysters and surf clams. “He has endured.”