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Looking for work

Hard working, experienced sternman looking for a job. Contact: Tom C, 339-236-0046

Looking for work in fishing industry

I have 20 years of executive leadership in banking/credit union. I LOVE all things fishing, trying to break into the industry. If anyone is willing to take a shot, at mentoring or employing, I’d love to get involved. Contact: Brian Bacci, [email protected]

Job Available

Fish plant help needed (part time, full time, any time) – clean, drug free. Plant location: lower Cape.

Contact: Jesse Rose, 508-737-2082

Job available

Chatham Mussel Boat help needed – has to be a Chatham resident

Contact: Jesse Rose, 508-737-2082

Seeking a Licensed Boat Captain

Perform duties as Captain of the Marine Biological Laboratory Research Vessels, ensure the safety of the vessels, their crew and onboard personnel.

Contact: Ann Sweck,  [email protected]

SKILLS REQUIRED: Captains license, U.S.C.G., 100 ton, Near Coastal Certification, must be maintained. Broad knowledge of small research vessels and all related equipment. Should be well-versed in mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and repair. Knowledge of local waters. Knowledge of marine life. Will have and maintain current CPR/Advanced First Aid Certification. 8-10 years experience on vessels of similar size and rigging with a minimum of two years as a captain.

Bait & Tackle Retail Clerk and Manager/Buyer

Hook, Line & Sinkers…Do you like to cast a line?,…Riverview Bait & Tackle is hiring…Position openings: Retail Clerks full & part-time, manager/buyer:
Responsible for delivering a highly satisfied customer experience by engaging & interacting with customers.
Supports & embodies a positive store culture through honesty, integrity, & respect.
Maintains all organizational, cleanliness, & recovery standards for the sales floor & participates in the maintenance/cleanliness of the entire store.
Provides & accepts ongoing recognition & constructive feedback.
Adheres to all labor laws & practices.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Possesses excellent customer service skills.
Able to work a flexible schedule to support business needs.
Possess strong organization skills with attention to detail.
Capable of handling multiple tasks at one time.
Able to respond appropriately to changes in direction or unexpected situations.
Possess strong communication skills.

Contact: Lee Boisvert, [email protected]


Description: 20yrs experience on commercial fishing boats. Preferably scallops, also experienced lobster, dragging. Knowledgeable with different types of gear and wheelhouse.

Contact: Nuno Lemos

774-707-0300  [email protected]

Experienced deckhand looking for scallop dayboat site

I am 19 I have been on draggers and lobster boats and want to try scalloping. Day boats are what I am looking for.

I have my Coast Guard drill conductor card
First Aid and CPR certifications
Experience as a lumper, fish house worker, and deckhand
I completed the Rhode Island Apprenticeship Program for commercial fishing
Contact: Jadin DeSousa – 7742637042

Alaska fisherman looking for work!

I am a fisherman hoping to make my way to the east coast after this year’s Alaska salmon run in mid september. I have worked set net, drift net and tender boats in Kodiak and Dutch harbor, and am currently working in Bristol Bay. I have excellent references from all my previous captains and would be happy to come on with a greenhorn crew share on the right boat. I am available for work starting mid September. Give me a holler if you’re looking for crew!  Contact: Jacob Heckert, [email protected]

Looking for job on lobster, day scallop, or charter boat-

Location:  from sandwich to harwich. I was going to go to school at the coast guard academy but switched to mass maritime, so I have time to work now because I’m around. I’m a reliable and hard worker who is a fishing fanatic. Willing to learn – just want to make money. I cannot work Tuesday-Thursday until 12:30 P.M. because I have a summer math class. Contact: Quinn Mucha, Text me at 774-994-7769. [email protected]

Looking for Crew Work

I’d like to start my fishing career/legacy, I’m a strong and obedient 25 year old, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.  I’m a very quick learner as well. As soon as I’m able to try and do something, I’ll pick it up like it was second nature.  Contact: Jacob Cunningham, [email protected]

17 year old looking for a deck job

I am an ambitious kid who loves everything to do with fishing. I’ve been fishing the waters of woods hole, buzzards bay and vineyard for more than 10 years and I can sit on the wharf and talk the talk with the best of them. Looking for a spot on any type of boat on south coast of cape cod. I’m located in woods hole and would be glad to listen to anyone who can offer work. Give me a call: Greg Dolan, 508 560 8588

Weekend Work

Looking for weekend work anywhere on the Cape. Have experience in commercial Black sea bass fishing. Looking for any type of fishing, lobstering or scalloping.

Contact: Jared Ingalls, 857-286-2613

Crew looking for fulltime work mid-June-fall

Currently in school, but will be available full-time mid-June until fall. Interested in any fishery! Has experience recreational fishing and recreational lobstering.

Contact: AJ DeArruda


Crew Site Available- Harwich

Trap Fishing for lobster, whelk, black sea bass.
20-25% of share – average work day is 9 hours
Port: Allen’s Harbor Harwichport
Contact: Tom Luce


Looking for Crew Help June-Nov

F/V Jakob and Megan. Looking for crew help June-November. Will do day pay, not crew share. It’s okay if no experience, just wants someone reliable and who is willing to work.

Contact: Mike Woods


Crew Looking for Work

Wants to crew on a commercial fishing boat mid-June to early August, Wellfleet to Yarmouth.

Previous experience: off shore sailing school; licensed on keelboats and catamarans. Interested in working on a boat but very open to all sorts of work (shoreside gear etc).

Contact: Finn Peters

[email protected] ; 202-279-1961

For Sale:

F/V Brady R – 42 ft Southshore + 645 Outer Cape Tags

Description: All composite construction with a 750 John Deere Model #6135 main engine (estimated 4,000 hours). Location: Chatham Harbor. F/V (permit name) Brady R Permit # 233912 USCG Doc 1277580 Outer Cape Tags 645 The F/V Brady R business has an array of lobster...

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