Mar 30, 2022 | A Day in Photos

The seafood expo was a chance to show off seafood across the nation, and the world.

Everyone knows the expression “you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” The Boston-based North American Seafood Expo, perennially the biggest fish expo in this country, is an example – though in this case it’s more like you don’t know how much you missed it until it’s back.

Returning earlier in March after two cancelled years, we were struck by how vital and impressive the seafood industry remains, how proud and dedicated its members are, and how much they have to show off. That was true even though the show was somewhat smaller than in its heydays, and a bit more skewed toward international operations (a long-time trend).

We were also grateful to meet new people from across the big pond known as the Atlantic who face some similar challenges, as well as spend time with many valued friends and partners.

Take a photographic spin through the day and note that even with a lot of international flavor, local fish had a great presence.

The North America Seafood Expo came to Boston for three days in March, after skipping two years because of the pandemic.

Dan McKiernan, center, director of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, stops at Plenus Group, with Seth Rolbein of the Fishermen’s Alliance. Plenus, based in Lowell, partners with Fishermen’s Alliance to make the haddock chowder that helps keep local fishermen fishing and provides nutritious meals to food banks.

Dan Brandt and Alex Hay of Wellfleet Shellfish Company were among many looking for new international markets.

Scup is an underloved species and there is an effort to get them on more plates. These tasty scup tacos helped the cause. Photo by Ken Baughman.

Intershell boats often unload sea clams in Hyannis.

Seth Rolbein stops to talk to a purveyor of surimi, who remembered the early years when a lot of bluefin tuna from the Cape went to Japan. Surimi is also known as imitation crab.

Jamie Raynor, of Kildare Princess Seafood Products in Prince Edward Island, works with Massachusetts fishermen for his Jonah Crab product, including the Colbert family, who own two boats and also own and run the Fishermen’s View restaurant in Sandwich.

WCVB Channel 5 captured moments of the Seafood Expo. 

John Lebeaux, Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Commissioner, was among many who visited “Massachusetts Avenue” at the Seafood Expo.


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