Jun 28, 2022 | A Day in Photos


A supportive and engaged crowd from across the Cape joined us for a Meet the Fleet , our first in Falmouth.


Colleen Barry, CEO of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, opened up our Meet the Fleet event at the Fisherman’s Pantry in Falmouth by highlighting the power of community, and how commercial fishing has always bound those ties together.

Those connections were front and center when fisherman Ken Baughman spoke about his efforts to get more people to enjoy delicious local scup and Jesse Remund and Tracy Sylvester talked about their fishing lives here and in Alaska and their new store, which features sustainably-caught seafood and responsibly harvested food, such as Chatham Kelp.

Colleen Barry, CEO of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, spoke about her company’s long-time support of the fishing industry and nine years of Meet the Fleets.

Jesse Remund, and his wife Tracy Sylvester, hosted the event at their business, The Fisherman’s Pantry. Remund talked about his family’s fishing roots here and in Alaska, where he met Tracy and where they fished as a family with their two young kids. They are strong believers in small, sustainable, owner-operated fisheries.

Ken Baughman went through the first Fishermen Training program the Fishermen’s Alliance held in 2019 and is now a rod and reel fisherman based in Falmouth. He was up at 3 a.m., having a tough time catching striped bass and scup. The seas were rolling so bad he had to hold his boat dog, Lucy, because she was banging around too much in the doghouse he built her. He was thinking, Why, why, why am I out here? “Because it is awesome to be out on the water,” Baughman said.

Fishermen’s Alliance has a team of 14 that are running the Falmouth Road Race in August to raise funds for fish and fishermen. Five runners – Brigid Krug, Molly Ogren, Ken Baughman, Brian Tobin and Brendon Parker. 

Jordyn Kastlunger, of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, flips through the “Pier to Plate” cook book published by the Fishermen’s Alliance.  Kastlunger is working on sustainable seafood education programs and wanted to get some insight from visiting Meet the Fleet.

Fishing stories always hold the interest of the crowd.

The Fisherman’s Pantry is Wooden Island Wild’s new retail location, and is a fish and seaweed shop offering only the most well-sourced sustainable seafood and provisions and eclectic local offerings.

In a bit of a twist, attendees of the most recent Meet the Fleet in Falmouth were treated to Black Cod from Alaska. Along with fishing locally Remund is a member of the oldest cooperative in the United States, the Seafood Producers Cooperative.


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