Photo Gallery: A front row seat to Hookers Ball

Aug 26, 2023 | A Day in Photos

Hookers Ball is worth coming to for the Heads or Tails coin toss game alone. It’s hilarious.

Hookers Ball XXII was one for the record books, our most successful ever. The big, white tent was at a different venue, the Harwich Community Center, but the ball’s purpose was the same: to celebrate the local, commercial fishing industry with the wider community and help protect the fleet’s future. The night was full of old friends and new faces, and more than a few fishing families. With direct sales and neighborly connections, ‘know your fisherman’ is alive and well as one captain kept being waved over to the fish fry to explain his sea clam operation. Take a look at this photo gallery by Salty Broad Studios

Thank you to the 400 supporters who turned out to the 22nd annual Hookers Ball.

The Hook fishermen’s first full-time executive director, Paul Parker, chats with founding member – and longtime fisherman – Mark Leach.

Fishermen’s Alliance Board Members Chuck Borkoski and captains Kurt Martin and Greg Connors.

Bern Whitney downs a delectable oyster shucked by the crew at Elwoods Raw Bars.

Kyla Almeida and Matt Zajac raise a toast with industry member Don Nadeau and wife Sue.

Elizabeth Knorr and Heads or Tails sponsor Steven Tenaglia, of UBS Financial Services, enjoy a moment with game winner Tracy Taylor.

Cole and Lauren Sherin enjoy some Provencal Fish Stew at the 22nd annual Hookers Ball.

Renee Gagne, Chatham shellfish constable, was among the 400 guests at the ball.

John Pappalardo, CEO of the Fishermen’s Alliance, announces the non-profit’s endowment campaign.


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