Nov 20, 2021 | A Day in Photos

Monique Arsenault, an instructor from Fathom Resources, goes over safety training on land before the group hits the water

There were a few cars that pulled into the Stage Harbor parking lot to watch people in bright red suits run through drills on land and at sea.

The group, attendees of the Fishermen Training program, quickly put on the red survival suits – in under a minute.

They then practiced jumping into the water, flipping over a life raft, hopping in, finding the secure knife and pretending to cut the line – if it was more dangerous to stay attached to the boat than rely on it for rescuers to see.

Chain formations, getting back to the dock as linked group – Right arm, guys!- were also part of the in-water training put on by Fathom Resources.

The group had gotten close in the 17-odd hours many had spent together so there was a little bit of joking around before they got down to business.

“Take your time, not a care in the world. The boat is going down,” Monique Arsenault, the instructor, joked.

Check out this photo gallery to see images from the two days of Fishermen Training and students from Cape Cod Tech visiting the F/V Midnight Our and Jessica Beth.

Cape Cod Tech Marine Services Instructor Kevin Rand talks to students aboard the F/V Midnight Our, while Captain Jesse Rose, who just gave the group a tour of the scallop boat, looks on.

Students in the Tech’s Marine Services program, inlcuding Liam Bihler, also got a close look at the engine room in Captain Sean Leach’s new boat, F/V Jessica Beth.

Mike Van Hoose, who works on Al Cestaro’s sea clam vessel, was the fastest into the survival suit at 30 seconds.

Days after Cary Paine went through the Fishermen Training program he started work on a commercial fishing vessel.

Brian Patrick Hall makes the jump into Stage Harbor during Fishermen Training.

Maeve Curran practices flipping over the life raft in the chilly waters of Stage Harbor during Fishermen Training.

Fielding DeWitt heads over to the dock for his next task after successfully entering the water.

The group practices making themselves as obvious as possible to potential rescuers.

Those at Fishermen Training ran through several training scenarios to make sure they were prepared in an emergency.

Captain Phil Michaud, who drags for squid, scallop, fluke and other fish, was one of several commercial fishermen who talked about their specific fishery and what it takes to succeed.

Tony Larghi, Samantha Parker and Maria Marelli all practice their knot tying at Fishermen Training earlier this month.


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