Apr 29, 2020 | A Day in Photos

Wychmere Harbor is still busy with commercial boats unloading their catch. Photo by David Hills/ FishyPictures

If anyone knows how to deal with drastically changes circumstances, and often not for the better, it’s commercial fishermen. And, to be sure, the current moment we are in is exponentially more difficult than comparable tight spots, but fishermen have done their best to create pandemic positives. Many are still working and the following photo gallery captures several slices of life on the waterfront. Boats are still heading out to bring back skates and monkfish and deliver it to buyers, such as Marder and Red’s Best that are waiting at local piers. Most of that catch is eaten off Cape, and even internationally, but some is being sold on Cape and if people keep on buying it here we’ll see more of it. A new sight has also been fresh scallops, sold at several harbors, and seeing the demand and the myriad smiling faces of customers that looks like an enterprise that will last long past this painful time we find ourselves in. Noted fisheries photographer David Hills captured many of these images.

Captain Jared Bennett, of the F/V White Cap, was one of the first captains on the Lower Cape to start off the dock sales. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

Stella Rose takes a moment to smile with the scallops her dad, Jesse Rose, brought in on the Midnight Our.  Doreen Leggett photo. 

Boats bringing monkfish and skates to Marder Seafood come in to Saquatucket regularly. Doreen Leggett photo.

Captain Jesse Rose and a crew member are captured mid-scallop hoist. David Hills/Fishy Pictures.

The White Cap, at Saquatucket Harbor, has sold out of several trips, as has the Midnight Our. Doreen Leggett photo.

This spring has been particularly rainy and windy, with the wind keeping boats in more than captains like. Doreen Leggett photo.

The Rose family makes selling scallops a family affair. David Hills/Fishy Pictures

Captain Jared Bennett delivers a bag of scallops to a customer, while crew member Matt Kilkenny looks on.  Doreen Leggett photo.

Talk about fresh scallops. Doreen Leggett photo.

Customers have raved about the scallops. These ones are from Captain Bennett’s F/V White Cap. Doreen Leggett photo.


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