Mar 25, 2020 | A Day in Photos

Instructors from New England Maritime taught the survival portion of the course. Staff photo by Doreen Leggett.

We were able to hold our first fishermen’s training program earlier this month. The images in this gallery give a sense of the breadth of training involved – from classroom work on gear to safety drills to boat visits. And there is a lot not pictured as well, discussions about management, insight into various scientific studies and research, navigational training, even knot-tying lessons.

As you look at the images, many taken by Christine Hochkeppel of Salty Broad Studios, we hope you get a wider perspective of the training required to be successful on the back of the boat.

What we hope is also clear is the importance captains place on classes like these, because without reliable, skilled crew they can’t succeed.

Captains Nick Muto and Greg Connors talk about the art of gillnetting. Doreen Leggett photo.

Trainees were taught to stay together if the boat went down. Doreen Leggett photo. 

Graham Larson is at the front of the line to meet captains at Saquatucket Harbor. Salty Broad Studios.

Captain Jesse Rose talked to the class about scalloping. Salty Broad Studios.

Captain Jesse Rose’s Midnight Our is docked at Wychmere. Salty Broad Studios.

On the last day of the training, potential crew members got to meet several captains. Salty Broad Studios.

Captain Sean Leach talks about lobstering with George Maynard, research coordinator at the Fishermen’s Alliance, right, and Graham Larson. Salty Broad Studios.

Captain Sean Leach talks to Nick Sanchez and Ken Baughman. Salty Broad Studios. 

Many boats were in port during training. Salty Broad Studios.


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