Sep 23, 2020 | A Day in Photos

One of the assets of the Chatham Pier Fish Market is its location, owner Steve Gennodie says. Doreen Leggett photo.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and the Chatham Pier Fish Market shows the truth in that. Take a picture tour of the Chatham Pier Fish Market, which although updated has been an important presence at the pier for more than 50 years. Meet Steve Gennodie, the new owner, who has some improvements in the works, but was drawn to the site for its history.

Steve Gennodie, the new owner of the Chatham Pier Fish Market, is new to the pier, not the industry.

The fish market is a long time presence at the pier.

Chatham Pier Fish Market continues the 70-year legacy of selling local fish.

The popular spot not only does a brisk take-out business, but delivers its signature meals as well.

Tourists, tradesmen and others stopped in for lunch at the Chatham Pier Fish Market this summer.

Steve Gennodie is a former chef so he spends a lot of his time in the kitchen at Chatham Pier Fish Market.

Lots of folks come in to buy local fish and they can see Mike Abdow’s striped bass hanging above the door, as it has for decades.

Owner Steve Gennodie has some plans for the fish market, first up are some seating walls and landscaping.


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