Nov 23, 2019 | A Day in Photos

Mate Matt Lucas brightens the name of fishing vessel Constance Sea. Photo by Christine Walsh Sanders Photography.

Some people do spring cleaning, fishermen tend to do a haulout in the winter when they are a bit less busy. Fishing vessels work just as hard as their captains and after a few busy seasons they need to be cleaned up and fixed so they perform better. Since the Chatham Bar is dangerous in every season, but more so in the winter months, many fishermen move their boats to Saquatucket Harbor in Harwich. Greg Connors, captain of the Constance Sea, took the opportunity while he changes harbors to spruce up his boat.

Photographer Christine Walsh Sanders has captured the efforts of Connors and his crew in these images.

With help from the Chatham Boat Company, the Constance Sea makes her way out of the water.

Winter and spring are prime times for hauling out boats.


The Constance Sea will be spruced up and fixed at Ryder’s Cove.

Captain Greg Connors makes sure everything goes well with his boat.

After a few hard seasons fishing the Constance Sea is need of some extra care.

She makes her slow journey down the road.


The vessel has collected a lot of vegetation that needs to be removed.


Crew Jay Soares powerwashes the Constance Sea

The Constance Sea’s bath at Ryder’s Cove creates a rainbow.

Although some vessels spend the winter at Saquatucket Harbor some boats remain at the fish pier.


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