Aug 25, 2019 | A Day in Photos

A young Paul Gasek documented his time on the Pocahontas.

This sequence of shots were taken by Paul Gasek on a two-day trip aboard the Pocahontas, with Dave Jerauld and Ned Crockett in 1976. Although no one knew it then, Gasek would go on to create a reality commercial fishing series that would win an Emmy.

These notes from Gasek sum up the scene well.

“Baiting all the way, Pocahontas arrives down the Channel at dawn.

There were 10 tubs ready to set near the 6390 line in some big sand peaks.

Hit that place all summer.”

On the way

Ned Crockett getting ready.

Hooks and herring going in the water.

Dave getting ready to haul back – got my long gaff in position.

Big steaker – good sign.

They kept coming!  I’m baiting a re-set fast …Shot it so you can see how the weight of fish is heeling the boat over.

Heading up to the next flag. Full checker – ripping fish as fast as I can – buried!

Dave and Ned – showing off for the camera! We got into hook-for-hook giant steakers.

Six tub re-set totally worth it.

Paul Gasek & Dave Jerauld – goofing off on the way in. 100 boxes aboard!

Pocahontas (long house) in the North Jog


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