PHOTO GALLERY: A Star is reborn

Dec 23, 2022 | A Day in Photos


A younger John Our, in the background, with his father, Jack, right. Andy McGeoch, who later built the Miss Fitz, is on the left. File photo.

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By Doreen Leggett

Twenty six years is a long time, older than a few captains in the fleet, older than his own children, almost older than his wedding vows. Just about as old as this organization. John Our has had a long, long history in the fishing industry, that started when he was five. His boat, Miss Fitz, has been with him most of that, certainly the vast majority of his career. This winter he had her completely redone and she looks like a brand new boat. This photo gallery from Christine Walsh Sanders Photography and Doreen Leggett gives a glimpse into the process and the finished product. Fair winds and following seas.

Captain John Our redid his boat Miss Fitz after 26 years of hard use. Christine Walsh Sanders Photography.

Don Baker takes sanding very seriously. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

Miss Fitz never lost her identity in the process. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

Every nick, crack, and hole filled, rotted board replaced. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

Tools of the trade. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

The Miss Fitz rounds the corner, driven by Chatham Boat Company. Christine Walsh Sanders Photography.

John Our securing the rehabbed Miss Fitz at Ryder’s Cove. Photo by Doreen Leggett.

The Miss Fitz looks ahead to her “splash,” the re-launch. Christine Walsh Sanders Photography.

Finishing touches. Christine Walsh Sanders Photography.

A new engine as well as a facelift. Christine Walsh Sanders Photography

John Our is looking forward to a better commute this spring. Photo by Doreen Leggett


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