Photo Gallery: On the scene at Fishermen Training

May 29, 2024 | A Day in Photos

By Doreen Leggett

Talking to fishing captains across the Cape there is a steady refrain – we need more crew. The Fishermen’s Alliance has been working to introduce people to the profession of commercial fishing for decades and in 2020 launched a fishermen training program. More than a dozen have graduated from the program which focuses on safety, but also covers navigation, knot tying and abbreviated Fisheries 101 that touches on the myriad fisheries the Cape offers.

One of the best parts of the training is learning from the captains and finding out about the various fisheries and what is expected on deck. Check out this first of two photo galleries to see the initial day of training and visit boats at Wychmere and Saquatucket Harbor.

Before half a dozen students went to the docks to meet fishing captains, they watched footage of local boats at sea.


Students were given a book on safety, a binder on knot-tying, and a $100 gift card to use at Cape Fishermen’s Supply.

The third Fishermen Training the Fishermen’s Alliance has held, was a blend of instruction and hands-on training.

Captain Zach Bennett told the group he has had to search and grapple for his expensive scallop dredge – when the crew wasn’t watching the wire the dredge spun off.

Captain Mark Leach shows Vanessa Rose and Caleb Neal new mapping equipment he installed on his boat to better see features on the ocean bottom.

Melissa Sanderson, chief operating officer at Fishermen’s Alliance, talks to Captain Zach Bennett about scalloping.

Turn and burn is common for scallopers who land their catch and turn around and go out again when the fishing or prices are really good, or they have a weather window. And there is always one more tow.

The class caught Captain Zach Bennett in between trips fixing his scallop dredge.

Captain Zach Bennett, between trips, fixes his scallop dredge.

Every fishery is different, some like the steadier hours of the gillnet fishery.


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